Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Preparation #3: Kad Kahwin ~wayang je lebih

Post saya yang lepas adalah agak emo. Tapi bila difikir-fikirkan balik, memanglah harga kad akan jadi mahal jika dibeli dalam kuantiti sedikit.

Plan berubah lagi. Apabila berbincang dengan ayah, ayah minta buat 1000 keping kad. Jadi selesai sudah masalah. We will proceed with the previous wedding card package. Yeay!! 

Cantik-cantik design kad kahwin ni.

Pinky is always sweet.. source

Simple but cantik!! source

Ni pun sweet jugak!!source

Anyway, selamat berpuasa semua!!

p/s: Pening memikir design kad kawin. Warna tema sudah ada dah..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wedding Preparation #2 : Kad Kahwin

Some major changes were done in our wedding ceremony. Hence number of wedding cards also need to be reduce. What happen is, we have already booked a package with 1000 pieces of cards.

We try to negotiate with the vendor to get package for 500 pieces of cards. It turn out to be more expensive and not  practical anymore to us. Lets compare the package.

Package A (RM 699):
1) 1000 cards (100 is 1 side hard cover) (70 cents / piece)
2) FOC 2 bunting
3) FOC 50 vip door gift box
4) FOC 1000 small doorgift box
5) FOC 1000 thank you tag
6) FOC 1 simple guestbook

Package B (RM 500)
1) 500 cards (50 is 1 side hard cover) (70 cents/ piece)
2) FOC 1 bunting
3) FOC 20 vip door gift box
4) FOC 500 small doorgift box
5) FOC 500 thank you tag
6) FOC 1 simple guestbook

See... How different it is. How come 500 pieces 70 cents cards is RM500? Wouldn't it suppose to be RM350? Where is another RM150? Is it goes to "FOC" items? Then its not free anymore. The FOC items is not really important to me but its good to have. The important thing is the card. I can get the same 500 pieces of  70 cents cards with only RM350 without the "FOC" things.

Now we are in dilemma. We have several options here. First is to still stick to the package A. Second is to procede with new package B. And third is to survey wedding cards at other place. As for now we have decided to survey wedding cards at my hometown which is in Ipoh. Hence our rm50 booking fee will be burn just like that.

p/s: Kad 70 sen tu saiznya kecik je. Bukan jenis kad yang panjang tu. Tapi harga sampai 70 sen sekeping. I think i can get the same card with prize of 40 to 50 sen only.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wedding Preparation #1

Admit it, i'm kind of carca marba when it comes to planning things. It is because i'm kind of last minute person + on the spot planning. So, preparation was a little bit here and a little bit there. Emm, let see.

1) Photographer: remember last entry?

  • Its not settle yet. Kononnya nak settle in a week time kan. But nak masuk dua minggu still not settle yet. 
  • Last two weeks had met a photographer to discuss things and see his work. First and foremost, i like his package which come with reasonable price. His picture and custom album also not bad. But, the downsidenya adalah disebabkan waktu tu musim orang kahwin, maka maximum photographer that they can promise to intertain my majlis is only one. Now lets hope, on that date tak ramai orang booking that photographer.
  • Now in the process to book the photographer. Deposit hanya bayar RM250 sahaja. (banyak pulak masalahnya nak book, inilah dia kalau kontek jarak jauh ni hikhik. Lets hope by this week had already book the photographer.)
2) Wedding card
  • Is it too early? Owh, never mind. Last weekend we surveyed wedding card's vendor at Pertama Complex. At the same time there were Wedding exhibition at Kompleks Kraf and Wangsa Walk. Hence, I got promotion package at the shop. What are in the promotion package? Lets see:
    • 1000 cards (100 one-sided hard cover card and 900 regular card with same design). The cards can be customize with our own preference.
    • 100 vip door gift bags
    • 1000 regular door gift bags
    • 2 bunting
    •  a guest book (dah tak perlu pikir pasal guest book)
  •  Already booked. Hence once we decide on card design and have wedding location map, then the card can be print. It takes 6 weeks for the card to be ready (3 weeks design by the vendor and 3 weeks printing). 
3) Bunga pahar
  • See this entry? The booking is still open for my wedding month.
  • Surveyed and want to book with them after I finalized my wedding theme.
4) Boutique 
  • Already boooked. Package that i took include:
    • Pelamin
    • Pakaian sanding lelaki dan perempuan (plan buat baju baru, only add RM150. Murah kan.)
    • Aksesori (kasut, tiara, bunga tangan, keris dan sebagainya)
    • Pintu gerbang
    • Make up for wedding reception( I add on make up for solemnization, tak ingat the price, will check later)
  • This boutique is the same boutique for my sister's wedding actually. I like their package hence booked terus.
  • But, we have change of plan. Later i will story.
Thats it. A little bit there, a little bit here. I can say, for vendor's booking (eh betul ke ayat ni? what i mean is untuk tempah menempah semuanya sudah selesai bagi pihak saya). Lets hope all would run smoothly.  K Babai

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